Getting Started


To make use of the API you need an account for our service. In the right upper corner you are able to create one. By default you are subscribed to the Free plan, you can upgrade at any time to a paid plan.

Trial Period

Every plan has a trial period of 14 days, except special cups like European Championship, World Cup etc, these may have a short trial period. The trial period starts on the moment you sign-up for a paid plan! When you are upgrading/downgrading within your trial period, you will use the same 14 days of trial you got when starting the first plan. These will not be extended.

You start paying for your plan as soon as the 14 days of trial are over. The amount of the plan you are subscribed to will automatically be billed from your card.

API Token

Requests to our server need to be authorized. To authorize your requests you can create an API token within your settings page when you are logging into our website. You can create as many API tokens as you want.

Make sure you save you API tokens to some place save. API tokens can only be viewed while creating them. If you loose your token your need to revoke it and create a new one. This means you probably have to change your service to get it working again.